Siem Reap Authentic Foods
Siem Reap Authentic Foods

Siem Reap hidden many secret places away from tourist Pub Street. Tourists make a habit when they travel to Siem Reap. They find out the accommodation which located nearby by it because of its popularity and they step into this area at night and enjoy the nightlife.

More than Pub Street and it is a secret place and away from some travelers mind, this is local night entertain places. Have you ever heard about Hairy Spider, Water Beetles, Crickets, Frog, and Quail are the popular street foods in Cambodia? Siem Reap is one of the best destinations where you can also find all of these snacks in a few places that you have never emerging to be there.

Where to Find Siem Reap Authentic Foods

Some local people are thinking that travelers are coming to Siem Reap to see the Angkor Wat and other temples and some other national parks. But actually, they are also want to learn and see the Cambodia culture and traditional. In this case, they can find the best Places to Do Street Foods in Siem Reap.

Most people can find this kind of foods in the local market where Cambodian people they bring the fresh bodies but sometimes you can find the cooked on the street.

Another favorite place which is always open in the evening and a popular place for our local people, this is 60 Road. It is a secret place that we have been bringing our customers to visit and try some Siem Reap street foods and any enjoy the Cambodia Authentic Foods.

If you are interested and want to try our Siem Reap authentic foods, book our Siem Reap Foodie Tour or join Urban Adventures Siem Reap, then you will have an existed experience with the smile back home.

Cambodia Street Foods

Why These Foods are Popular

If you are an international tourist, you should try at least one time to try the Cambodia authentic foods, especially the hairy spider, crickets, frog, quail, frog, and tarantula, the best article on CNN Edition
CNN talked about Hairy Spider and Silkworms but more and more diets you will see and have an opportunity to taste all of them when taking a trip with True Cambodia Travel.

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