Phnom Penh Cooking Class Activity
Phnom Penh Cooking Class Activity

There are a few most important things in Phnom Penh but one of those is Cooking Class. Cooking Class express what you are passionate about willing to learn cooking about Khmer traditional delights. Phnom Penh Urban Adventures designs a most attractive cooking class to allow its clients experience and bring back home with the Khmer food cooking skill.

They will pick you up from your residence hotel in Phnom Penh by Cambodian Romork (Tuk Tuk) then transfer to the cooking class for the group meeting. You will be welcomed by the option of the soft drink and coffee. Soak up the atmosphere, this cooking class will start from a small tour to a local market about 45 minutes to 1 hour for buying the ingredients and explore how the local buy vegetables and ingredients for the daily cooking.

This small tour will allow you to buy ingredients for three dishes by ridding the Cambodian Romork (Tuk Tuk) through the city to discover the secrets of Khmer cuisine that led by our guide and it is an opportunity to taste some foods along the way. During this small tour, there is a sample of flavorsome sauce and fragrant herbs, learn Khmer traditional techniques and create an array of Khmer specialties, then back into your class for a delicious cooked lunch.

Cooking Class
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You will have your own cooking station in the air-conditioned kitchen fitted with overhead extraction and learn how to cook three authentic dishes with the good explanation from the chef. At the end of the class, you will receive the Recipe book and attended a certificate to take away back home and you can recreate all your favorite dishes at home.

How to book this cooking class?

Where do you find the best cooking class in Phnom Penh? I have few experiences in this city but what my favorite is Feel Good Coffee. It is not just a coffee shop but they provide the cooking class as well. But if you are looking for something different like a street food tour then Phnom Penh street food tour is the best evening activity in this charming city.

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